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As a technology leader for high-tech fastener systems, we rightly aspire to offer first-class solutions for every challenge. To achieve this, we use our know-how in the fields of textile chemistry, adhesives and adhesive coatings as well as surface technology, shaping, and profile extrusion. And if it turns out that your own individual solution is required, we'll look for new ways to find the exact target-oriented answer. Take us at our word.

Polymer & textile science

What colour would you like? Our textile chem­istry know-how allows us to dye our products in almost any shade ima­gin­able, with the dye with­stand­ing up to 1000 boil washes. Do you have any special re­quire­ments? Our products and fin­ishes can be tailored as you need them: boil-wash res­ist­ant, weld­able, an­ti­mi­cro­bi­al, soft and skin-friendly (cer­ti­fied ac­cord­ing to OEKO-TEX®), elec­tric­ally con­duct­ive and an­ti­stat­ic as well as flame re­tard­ant for the special re­quire­ments of the auto­mot­ive and air­craft in­dus­tries.

Adhesives & adhesive coatings

In case our fastening systems need to be bonded, our expertise ensures a secure hold. We can adapt the formulations of adhesives or develop them ourselves and apply a wide variety of adhesive types in any grammage as well as in large-scale production. Depending on the surface, further processing or application, we use one- and two-component systems as well as pressure-sensitive adhesive systems. Self-adhesive fasteners are available with an easily removable overhanging cover film, certain adhesive-coated fasteners are also available without cover film.

Surface technology

Only through the correct connection to the respective surface can the selected closure system develop its full performance. To achieve this, we use various surface treatment methods: atmospheric pressure and low-pressure plasma, corona treatment and gas phase fluorination. We also offer special coatings for improved bonding.

Profile extrusion & injection moulding

Profiled in extrusion technology: We produce profile shapes from all common plastics on our own profile extrusion lines according to your requirements. During the extrusion process, we can apply fastener systems inline using our expertise in surface and adhesive technology. Our application and customer-specific injection moulded parts can also be fully automatically fitted with fasteners. This enables us to produce large quantities of fastener systems in consistently high quality in the shortest possible time.


Extras or special requirements? Just tell us what you want. There are no limits to our converting options: whether punching, cutting, sectioning, laminating or coating, in large and small series. We can supply geometric parts on carriers, as individual parts or perforated. For cut goods we offer you different spooling and winding options. And our basic products are available in a variety of combinations in back-to-back processing.

Numerous industries

You can find Binder almost anywhere

Hardly any industry can manage without high-quality, reclosable and repositionable fastening systems. Our solutions can be used individually and meet even the highest technical requirements down to the last detail.

Products of successful development work

By developing and patenting a multitude of products and continually seeking innovative solutions of premium quality and reliability, we have become a technology leader in repositionable high-tech fastener systems.

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