Strong values – strong brand

Much more than just a family company
Identity and mindset

Success is also a question of attitude

When we refer to ourselves as a family company, then we mean it literally: Everyone who works for us does not just feel part of a company, but part of our big family. Regardless of their personal background. This means strong ties, mutual respect and the certainty that we can always rely on one another. This team spirit has certainly propelled us forward and enables our employees to make full use of their individual potential at any time.
No doubt our roots are also partly responsible for our success. Like so many innovative global players based in our region, we at Binder are characterised by some traits that people around the world like to think of as "typically German": we are highly ingenious and place great emphasis on quality and durability with a certain penchant for perfection.
Just like our fastening systems which can be opened and repositioned again and again, thus creating a perfect connection every time, we also readjust our solutions until we are one hundred percent satisfied. And much like our products, we prefer to act inconspicuously in the background while retaining technical perfection. So we see ourselves playing a supporting role, generating innovative impulses to assist our customers in the best possible way.

Full of vigour and with a multitude of ideas, we are happy to take on your challenges. And with well thought-out solutions, we can help you simplify people's lives in a wide variety of areas: visionary, efficient and uncomplicated.

Our ideas for your in­di­vidu­al tasks: we are proud to help make people's every­day lives more com­fort­able and easier with in­geni­ous fasten­ing solu­tions.

Patrick Geffers, Managing Director

Our brand concept

Mission… We at Binder enable our customers to develop their potential. We understand and identify the needs of our clients. Together we develop and implement individual ideas.

Vision… In 2030, anyone in our target markets who has a fastening problem will look for and find the answer in repositionable solutions from Binder.

Values… Family ties, Trust, Humanity, Respect, Reliability, Courage, Ingenuity

Do you have any questions regarding our solutions?

We would be happy to help you, send you samples or advise you individually.

A solution entirely according to your wishes

Our innovative solutions can be further processed according to customer requirements. Whether surface treatment or colouring, whether the use of special adhesives or customised geometric parts - what would you like your fastening solution to look like?